Welcome to The Wayshowers

A community of support and fellowship to explore and discuss spiritually based topics.

What is the Wayshower Community About?

This community is for people who have awakened or beginning to awaken to support each other during this historic time of individual and planetary ascension. You will find like-minded people with whom you can share spiritual beliefs and experiences. This becomes a safe outlet to discuss your reality -  which other people in your life may not understand. 

Topics of discussion include:

◼ Channelings from High Dimensional Beings
◼ Meditations
◼ Spiritual Teachers
◼ Inspirational Music
◼ Inspirational / Spiritual Books
◼ Near Death Experiences
◼ Animal Communication
◼ Human Rights
◼ Disclosure
◼ Feel Good Stories
And more...

This is not a restricted community, but I encourage the sharing of positive and uplifting messages, and support to guide us when things are not so good. You may think you have nothing to share, but you do, and we all need to hear it. Sharing your experiences with others may mean the difference between someone sinking down, or someone rising up and out of low vibrational thinking. If you feel fear about a post or about world events, let's all support transform that fear into love.

Your very "being" is what will influence the ascension of humanity and the planet. As awakened individuals, we have chosen to come here to help humanity through this ascension. And part of that plan was for all of us to meet as a group for support during a lifetime we knew would be difficult.

Welcome! I'm glad you are here!

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